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This is a wiki created by one of the four authors of the series Dream of the Sun. Four books are planned for the series at the moment; Dream of the Sun, Darkness of the Moon, Glimmer of the Sunrise, and Shadow of the Sunset. Frankly, I think this is a horrible description, but it's up to you whether YOU like it or not. XP

Oh, yes. And don't forget to check out the Random Poll of the Month.


Yo, everyone! Bugylug1235 here! I am one of the authors of the Dream of the Sun series (if you hadn't already guessed). Duh! I am the creator of this wiki and I write the characters of Katharr and Kyo, the Neko twins from the planet Cefrion! I have also added in some other characters, such as Mercha, Felix, Theaki and Finch (who is my all time favorite character, mostly because of his awesome back). In my spare time I like to design some of the characters. Now without further ado, let's get right into this wiki with my random author page that I decided to make because I am an author of this book.

Ooh eeh ooh ah aah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang.


Wassup my dudes! I'm thenatureshop and I am another Author of the series Dream of the Sun. I write Joshua and Dawn Parker's chapters. I was one of the two original writers in this book, so I hope you enjoy our story! This is also a really bad description, so don't mind me.

And I just want to say that Bugylug1235 and I are SUPER excited for book 2. Please do tell us if you would wish to have a sneak peak, because it is gonna be awesome!

Hello again! :) I just wanted to remind you guys, the author's team name is DOTS team (abbreviation of Dream Of The Sun). And the fandom name is, well, something DOTS comment ideas. Ok, I know we make a BUNCH of typos but please don't mind us!

Go to the Official Dream of the Sun-The Book page on this wiki to read our amazing story we have been bragging about.



Hello! I'm sparklethebunny8, and I love to talk so please ignore some of the run-on sentences, so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... so as thenatureshop said she was one of the original authors, I AM ALSO ONE!!!!! so stop hogging the spotlight! LOL. :P

By the way, I'm also the writer of Noah and Paulina, and if you read the 1st book, you'll notice that Paulina is also a blabbermouth like me and can be kind of annoying at some moments, and say random things... ummmm... uh, randomly.


Ummm..... tns..... (abbreviation for thenatureshop because nobody wants to type all that.), um, A) the fandom name honestly makes no sense to me. B) you don't make a bunch of typos, they're all fixed. And I don't make typos at all, it's just autocorrect trying to correct Kohana to Johanna and stuff like that. C) There is no Dream of the Sun-The Book page on this wiki. You should make the page before updating something like that. By the way, I had to put this in a different section so that tns would see it.


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NOTE: Yes, I know this poll is a couple days early. I don't care, okay!!!

How many of the Dream of the Sun authors do you think has Writer's Block?

The poll was created at 21:44 on July 29, 2018, and so far 1 people voted.

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